On the results of the primary elections in the USA




On the results of the primary elections in the USA

With the beginning of 2024, primary elections are held in the United States, in which presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties compete. Based on the results of the voting, candidates receive the support of delegates who will vote at the conventions of both parties in the summer to officially nominate their single candidate. The Democratic challenger must receive at least 1,968 of 3,934 delegate votes, and the Republican candidate must receive at least 1,215 of 2,429 delegate votes. After the “primaries” were held in more than 20 states, the obvious superiority of the main contenders emerged in both parties: Donald Trump and Joe Biden won the Republican and Democratic primaries, American media reported. Thus, they will soon be officially nominated for President of the United States by their parties. Donald Trump received 1247, Joe Biden - 2099 delegate votes. For the first time since 1912, a former US leader will challenge an incumbent. These dynamics determine key aspects of the election process, where individual states and the number of delegates play important roles.

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