On the meeting with Ms. Lin Goethals

On the meeting with Ms. Lin Goethals


On July 12, 2023, we were delighted to meet with Ms. Lin Goethals, Director at the European Institute for Asian Studies.

We can't stress enough how insightful this meeting was for both parties. For the most part, we talked about EU policy in Central Asia and how "it has been trinckling down and become invisible".

Ms.Goethals shared that demography of Central Asia is a new generation that is standing up with a very different point of view, where this young segment population presents so many opportunities.

Participants agreed on the need for Central Asian region to work together internally, finding more effective entry points that can open up other doors for wider dialogue.

The meeting was conducted by the head of the Center for European Studies Rustam Kayumov, IAIS Research Fellows Alouddin Komilov and Abboskhon Bobokhonov and Communications and Partnership Manager Shokhinakhon Bakhromova.